Adweek: 25 Best Ads of 2021

Work from around the world that made an impact, even in turbulent times

By David Griner & Shannon Miller & Stephen Lepitak. Published on December 6, 2021. Credit: Adweek

Coming after 2020’s lockdowns, uncertainty and political turmoil, 2021 seemed like it might be more “normal” by comparison. Instead, challenges and conflicts seemed to evolve rather evaporate, and marketers—like everyone else—had no choice but to adapt.

Looking back on the year’s best advertising reminds you just how many twists and turns our lives have taken over these past 12 months. For brands who struggle to innovate, it was often a year of insurmountable obstacles, but for those willing to take chances and actually be a part of culture even in turbulent times, there was no shortage of creativity and craft to be brought to bear.

Here’s a look at Adweek’s picks for the 25 Best Ads of 2021: