The Most Creative Campaigns, Brands & Agencies by Business Sector

Publication: AdForum
By: Maud Largeaud
Date: February 22, 2023

It give us great pleasure to present the 6th edition of the Business Creative Report – a unique ranking of the world’s most awarded campaigns by industry sector in 2022. The only report of its kind, the BCR allows advertisers and agencies to benchmark their creative impact against competitors in the same industry. For agencies, of course, awards are a means of promoting their talent and their
brands, as well as demonstrating their creativity to clients and prospects. But awards can also help them stand out as experts in specific fields, which is another purpose of the BCR.

The report is based on the results of more than 40 awards shows, both local and global. This time we have integrated a number of new local and specialist prizes, including Best !n (Spain), CCB (Belgium), the Webby awards (to be precise, its Advertising, Media & PR category) and Clio Entertainment.

We have also introduced a 9th category, Entertainment & Leisure, alongside Automotive, Finance, Food & Beverages, Health & Beauty, Luxury, Retail, Technology and Transport & Tourism.

One of our major findings was that – in this digital era of ours – the world’s most awarded campaign overall last year was in essence a print campaign: “Better With Pepsi” by Alma. Although social media helped spread its fame, it owed its visual flair to the skills of an origami artist.

Alvar Suñol, co-president and chief creative officer at Alma, commented: “Our journey with Better With Pepsi has garnered a phenomenal reception and we’re truly honored by this recognition of its impact. This campaign is an example of many things, but I hope it’s especially seen as an example of the beauty that lives in print, and how advertising in its simplest forms are still unforgettable mediums for storytelling. As an idea led by an insightful cultural tension, detail and genuine craft, ‘Better With Pepsi’ is a true reminder of why many of us, including myself, fell in love with advertising in the first place.”