Why Pepsi Doubled Down on Hand-Crafted Origami Ads in an Age of AI-Generated Imagery

Publication: LBB Online
By: LBB Editorial
Date: August 10, 2023

According to a recent study, spiced rum tastes better with Pepsi than the beverage brand’s main cola competitor. So, Pepsi has doubled down on that insight with a new iteration of its extremely successful ‘Better With Pepsi’ campaign.

A follow-up to 2021’s ‘Burgers’ campaign, which was one of last year’s most awarded campaigns with its deftly identified Pepsi logos within the wrappers of America’s most popular burger chains, this new series of ads does the same with popular rum brands. As with their predecessors, the prints have been intricately produced by hand thanks to the craftsmanship of origami artist Raya Sader Bujana and still life photographer Marçal Vaquer.

The campaign was created by Alma. LBB’s Addison Capper spoke with creative directors Daniel Correa and Bruno Trad, as well as Pepsi chief marketing officer Todd Kaplan to find out more about doubling down on intricately hand-crafted creative in an age obsessed with AI-generated imagery.