Super Bowl Advertising Can’t Be One-Off Spots Anymore

Publication: Adweek
By: Kyle O’Brien
Date: February 13, 2023

As people access the Super Bowl in different ways, either through the stream, on network or via social feeds, and as the hype ramps up ahead of the game, the necessity to view Super Bowl ads as integrated campaigns rather than one-off ad moments becomes clear.

“We’re looking at the brand-building more horizontally, more as a continuity more with a platform mentality, and less with the typical big ads a one-off mindset,” said Luis Miguel Messianu, Founder & Chairman of Alma, and DDB McDonald’s global chief creative officer. Messianu also sees that the success of a campaign can hinge upon its success on social media following its initial airing in the game, especially as Twitter steers the conversation and TikTok weighs in at the younger end of the spectrum.

“The Super Bowl was viewed as a festival for TV,” said Messianu. “Now it’s almost like the flagship for an integrated effort across media channels.”