Hold My Beernament! Miller Lite Made Drinkable Tree Ornaments for the Holidays

Miller Time gets even more festive
By Amy Corr on Dec 14 2021 – 9:45am

It’s the understatement of the year to note that companies have gone all in on the branded-merch phenomenon.

Tropicana made toothpaste that goes well with orange juice; Fisher-Price’s Chatter telephone now makes real calls; Orbit made smooching sweaters; and Heineken crafted a beer-filled B.O.T. to keep your beverage cold and creep your friends out.

For the holiday season, Miller Lite is adding heft to beer lovers’ Christmas trees with Beernaments, ornaments that hold 8-ounce cans of beer, preferably Miller Lite.

When hanging, distribute Beernament weight evenly upon each side of the tree … or just drink the beer first.

Ornaments come in a six-pack (beer not included) and cost $19.75 on Beernaments.com. Through Dec. 16, Beernaments will be available for purchase at random times during a three-hour window.

Miller Lite partnered with comedian Jimmy O. Yang to demonstrate how to crack open a Beernament then hang it on a tree. DDB Chicago, DDB San Francisco and Alma helped create the beer-filled orbs.

“It’s hard to find a perfect tree. But the perfect ornament? I gotcha,” says Yang. “Miller Lite Beernaments. Holiday decorations you can drink.”

Yang’s Christmas tree goes from tabletop and sparse to 8-feet tall and full of branches. Once a Beernament has been drunk, Yang hangs it on the tree using the beer tab and a hook.

Here’s hoping the can is rinsed out first or Christmas will smell like stale beer and candy canes.

“We really wanted to have fun this holiday season while staying true to Miller as a brand,” says Sofia Colucci, global VP of Miller family of brands. “We’re all about giving our fans new, unexpected and somewhat ridiculous ways to enjoy a beer. When we set our sights on the holidays, we knew we wanted to bring people together and facilitate real connections, but we still wanted to have a good time with it. What better way than by helping people decorate their trees with drinkable ornaments?”

The video is running throughout social media.

“Around the holidays, Miller Time is a moment when obligations are set aside, and you can just enjoy a Miller Lite around the tree with your friends and family,” Colucci tells Muse. “We hope to spread a little holiday cheer and give our fans a reason to spend more quality time together.”