J Balvin Is Just Like Us in New Ads From Miller Lite

Miller Lite continues its partnership with the reggaeton artist in new ads emphasizing the human behind the celebrity
By Parker Herren. Published on September 15, 2021.

When reggaeton singer J Balvin contracted COVID-19 last August, he had an epiphany: “We’re all the same, it doesn’t matter who you are or what you do,” the “Mi Gente” performer told People. “I learned how to value that being rich is truly just being healthy, happy and at peace.”

Balvin has applied that philosophy to his collaboration with Miller Lite, “Es Jose Time,” which debuted last month with a campaign benefiting Latin-owned bodegas that has already surpassed 1 billion earned impressions. Special-edition cans traded Miller’s traditional muted tones for neons. The artist’s signature lightning bolt replaces the “i” in Lite and his signature is scrawled across the bottom.

Today, the collaboration continues in two new video ads, created with agency Alma, that showcase the man behind his on-stage persona. In both of the 15-second spots, people wonder how glamorous the celebrity’s life might be, but they would be shocked to see just how simple Jose’s time off from being J Balvin is.

In “Cookout,” a man brings a case of un-Balvin-ed Miller Lite to a store register where a TV shows Balvin.

“Dude is fire,” says the patron, indicating the television.

“Wonder what kind of locura he’s up to?” responds the man behind the counter, likely imagining the wild exploits many associate with stardom.

But Balvin is simply manning the grill at a party with friends. As others chat over a beer or peruse the outdoor buffet, the singer, wearing a green dad polo and oversized chain necklace, jumps with surprise as flames erupt from the grill, charring his burger patties to a crisp.

In the partnership’s second ad, a couple out to eat in front of a huge J Balvin mural wonder what kind of sick parties the reggaeton star throws. In reality, he’s chatting with a few buds by the pool. When one asks him to toss her a beer, Balvin’s aim is even less glamorous than his party: the can soars past the recipient and its cacophonous landing offscreen suggests trouble. He laughs as he blames the mishap on his dog, Enzo.

The ads will air nationally on television and digital, including Univision, Telemundo and Liga MX’s games, and digital partners such as YouTube, Spotify, Vevo, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.